The regular meeting of the Board of Trustees was called to order at 6:30 p.m. by Mayor Aaron Kaufman.  Those present were Mayor Kaufman, Trustees Jim Quarino, Amy Reinshagen, Kayla Mason and Gordy Key, Village Attorney John Hubbard, Clerk-Treasurer Kellee Estus, Superintendent of DPW Lucas McMullen, Chief of Waste Water Richi Horne, Hobart Fire Department Chief Josh Mason, Maynard and Elly Vance, Rosie Hanselman and Cody Hager. 

            Superintendent of DPW Lucas McMullen reported to the Board that they replaced the vacuum pump in the Ford F150 as it had no brakes, repaired a sidewalk section on Maple Avenue and on Main Street, helped ABC Tree services with tree removal and repaired a broken service line on Maple Avenue.  He stated topsoil was put down and grass seed was planted after the concrete work was done for the sidewalks and a storm drain was rebuilt. 

            Chief Operator Richi Horne reported to the Board that a chain hoist and trolley was replaced, and the EQ blower was delivered.  She stated it had been recommended to get a study guide to help Jake pass the test.  She asked for permission from the Board to reschedule the test for Jake as it costs $114.  She stated they had a dialer call when the SK blower failed outside. They had to replace a motor and blower.  They also had to have two loads of sludge hauled to Stamford while the press was down.  It was a cost of $2600 but had to be done.  She also stated that she and Lucas have been manually running the wells to keep up and maintain the water in the tower.  She stated the communication issue was finally found to be Verizon’s issue from the circuit to Binghamton and back.  Mayor Kaufman asked the Board individually for approval for Jake to retake the test with all Board members stating yes. 

            Mayor Kaufman instructed Superintendent McMullen to replace Jim Barr Sr.’s water meter tomorrow.  Mayor Kaufman stated Dan, Jake and Lucas should get all the rest of the old meters replaced by Friday of this week.  They are to knock on doors and if anyone refuses, write their name down and a list of names will then go to Village Attorney Hubbard.  Trustee Quarino told McMullen about a beaver weakening a tree out by the pond.  McMullen was aware and said he could cut the tree down.  Trustee Quarino also brought the mulch/chips at the playground to the attention of the Board.  Mayor Kaufman stated he already got the information on the same type of mulch the Town of Stamford purchased. 

            Fire Chief Josh Mason stated he had dropped of a bill for the radios with the Clerk.  He stated the radios are here.  He also stated truck 1812 was serviced and pump tested after it was fixed.  It had some pump and foam issues.  He stated the fire department purchased two LED 3X6 t.v. screens and John Whritner will build the roof for it to look like the signs he built for the rail trail. 

            Andrew Flach was not present at the meeting but had asked to announce the Rotary’s Sausage and Brew Festival to be held at the Town of Stamford on Saturday 8/24 from 4 to 9 pm.

            Discussion regarding the idea of considering a paid EMS service followed.  The Treasurer’s report for June and July was reviewed by the Board.  A motion to accept it with the following changes was made by Trustee Reinshagen with a second from Trustee Key with all in favor, carried.  In the General Fund, transfer $91.09 from 1990 to 9055.  In the Water Fund, transfer $12.16 from 1990 to 9055. In the Sewer Fund, transfer $1.08 from 1990 to 9055.  In the NYC Fund, transfer $68.70 from 1990 to 9055; transfer $406.63 from 1990 to 8130.2-7.  A motion to accept the minutes of June’s meeting was made by Trustee Mason, with a second from Trustee Reinshagen, with all in favor, carried.  Maynard and Elly Vance approached the Board stating they would like to replace their water line from a ½ inch to a ¾ inch pipe.  They were referred to the Village’s water law. 

            Mayor Kaufman continued the meeting with old business.  In regard to the water issues, Mayor Kaufman stated he spoke with Senator Seward and contacted Congressman Delgado’s office.  Village Attorney Hubbard suggested reaching out to Assemblyman Chris Tague as well.  In regard to a Police Officer, Mayor Kaufman stated he would draft a local law for the next Board meeting to give to Village Attorney for review. 

            In new business, Mayor Kaufman stated the Village is in need of revenue for the Activity Center. 

            Mayor Kaufman opened the floor to community participation.  Rosie Hanselman, an employee at Mallinckrodt asked Fire Chief Mason if they could coordinate an emergency drill.  Chief Mason agreed and asked why Mallinckrodt didn’t help provide the fire department with items needed to be able to prevent their buildings from a fire.  Mrs. Hanselman told him the process would be to propose the request in a well written letter to them first. 

            A motion to approve the following bills on Abstract No. 3 was made by Trustee Key, with a second from Trustee Mason, with all in favor, carried.

            General Fund              Voucher No. 59-89                 $31,776.89

            Water Fund                 Voucher No. 31-52                 $  8,334.77

            Sewer Fund                 Voucher No. 35-63                 $  4,969.98

            NYC Fund                  Voucher No. 42-75                 $  8,344.68


            A motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:05 p.m. was made by Trustee Key, with a second from Trustee Mason, with all in favor, carried.  Meeting adjourned.



Respectfully Submitted,




Kellee J. Estus