Village of Hobart

Monthly Village Board Meeting



MAYOR:                        Aaron Kaufman

DEPUTY MAYOR:       Jim Quarino
TRUSTEES:                   Kayla Mason

Amy B. Reinshagen

                                         Gordy Key

VILLAGE CLERK:      Kellee Estus                               September 21, 2020


I.               Meeting Called to Order

II.            Department Head Reports:

a.    Superintendent of DPW – Lucas McMullen

b.    Head of Waste Water – Richi Horne

c.     Economic Community Development – Andrew Flach

d.    Fire Department – Josh Mason

III.         Secretary/Treasurer’s Report

IV.          Approval of Minutes from last meeting

V.             Old Business:

a.    Water Plant Upgrade

b.    Police Officer

c.     Update:   Policy/Procedure, Training programs, Comprehensive Plan

d.    Annual Physicals

e.     HAC Updates

f.      Maple Avenue Culvert issue

VI.          New Business:

a.    Don Thomases – Hobart Business Alliance

b.    Covid waiver

c.     Dollars for Scholars – Mail A Thon and meetings

d.    Landscaping on Main Street

e.     Tree cutting incident

f.      Van at HAC parking lot/trailer on Main St./tractor &wagon on sidewalk

g.    Executive Session – employee issues

VII.       Floor Open for Community Participation

VIII.    Payment of Bills

IX.          Meeting Adjourned