Effective immediately the Village is under a water emergency. All village residents are asked to limit their use of water and to conserve in any and all ways possible. During this time, there is no washing of vehicles or watering of lawns. Over the past several days the wells located at Maple and Eklund well sites have been shutting down on their own due to low ground water levels. There are no problems with the pumps at these locations. The system is setup to automatically shut down when the ground water levels reach a certain point, so they are performing as they should. The issue is extremely low ground water levels due to the current dry spell we are experiencing. We are not in a crisis as of the moment but close, and we are trying to stay ahead of this, so it does not turn into a bad situation. It is important that we all do our part.  We are constantly monitoring the situation and will keep you updated if things change. 

Thank you for your time and anticipated cooperation in this matter.

Mayor Kaufman