VILLAGE OF HOBART BOARD MEETING MINUTES                                                           MAY 16, 2022


               The meeting was called to order at 6:32 p.m. by Mayor Aaron Kaufman.  Those present were Mayor Kaufman, Trustees Jim Quarino, Gordy Key, Amy Reinshagen and Kayla Mason, Clerk-Treasurer Kellee Estus, Superintendent of DPW Lucas McMullen, ZBA members Joe Andreno, Cody Hager and Anne Elizabeth Moore, Barbara Balliet, Mary VanValkenburg, Steve Coster, Lisa Coster, Brooke Wood and Randall Kruger Jr. 

               Superintendent of DPW Lucas McMullen reported to the Board that the contact tank at the water plant had been cleaned, the crew had swept most of the streets and then the pto shaft broke so they are waiting on parts for that.  He will get a new rope for the flagpole so the flag is up for the Memorial Day service.  Barb Balliet spoke on behalf of the Hobart Business Alliance regarding adoption of flower barrels and assessment of the rail trail to improve conditions.  She also noted the potholes in front of the post office which both Don Thomases and the Mayor have sent letters to Assemblyman Tague’s office.  The sign in the triangle will have the Farmer’s Market sign put up tomorrow or Wednesday of this week.  Mayor Kaufman stated an electronic sign will be going up in it’s place this budget year.  Joe Andreno of the ZBA stated they have made more additions and changes to start the process mostly on short term rentals.  They will need the Board’s review. 

               A motion to approve the April Treasurer’s report with the following changes was made by Trustee Quarino with a second from Trustee Mason, with all in favor, carried.  In the General Fund, transfer $2190.04 from 5110.1-1 to 1620.4-1; transfer $3767.79 from 5110.4 to 1620.4-2; transfer $232.00 from 1620.4-G to 1620.4-E; transfer $375.17 from 5110.1-1 to 1910-D; transfer $272.00 from 5110.1-1 to 1910-E; transfer $4.93 from 1990 to 3410.4-1; transfer $1108.26 from 5110.1-1 to 3410.4; transfer $28.41 from 1990 to 4540.4-2; transfer $74.04 from 4540.4-8 to 4540.4-7; transfer $1273.74 from 5142.1-1 to 4540.4; transfer $2.00 from 1990 to 5110.4-3; transfer $57.90 from 5142.1-1 to 5142.4; transfer $479.20 from 5110.4 to 9050.  In the Water Fund, transfer $174.86 from 1990 to 8310-4-2; transfer $538.51 from 8320.4-1A to 8320.4-1; transfer $8.76 from 1990 to 9050; transfer $12.80 from 1990 to 9060.1.  In the NYC Fund, transfer $570.24 from 8130.1-3 to 8130.1-5; transfer $337.08 from 1990 to 8130.4-21A; transfer $141.48 from 9040 to 9050.  A motion to accept the minutes of last month’s meeting was made by Trustee Reinshagen, with a second from Trustee Key, with all in favor, carried. 

               Mayor Kaufman continued the meeting with old business.  Regarding the water plant upgrade, the closing was on Friday so the project should still be moving forward as planned.  Regarding EMS, the EMS committee has met and are in the process of developing a business plan.  In regard to Airbnb’s the ZBA needs the Board to review their draft.  The guardrails is still pending waiting the decision of the Town of Stamford.  There was no new business. 

               Mayor Kaufman opened the floor to community participation.  Potholes, wild parsnip and weeds in the sidewalks and curbs were the focus of the conversation. 

               A motion to approve the following bills on Abstract No. 12 was made by Trustee Reinshagen, with a second from Trustee Mason:


General Fund                 Voucher No. 315-337                  $6720.89

Water Fund                     Voucher No. 182-198                  $5400.52

Sewer Fund                    Voucher No. 191-207                  $5063.71

NYC Fund                        Voucher No. 228-248                 $18,267.48


A motion was made by Trustee Reinshagen to approve the water and sewer training in Sidney on June 9th with a second from Trustee Mason, with all in favor, carried.   A tree that had come down on or near the DePalma property will be taken care of by the Village crew as it is in the way of getting the mower through.   A letter was read by Mayor Kaufman from Dorothy Zaharatos asking for a payment plan for her current water and sewer bill.  The Board agreed to give her a one-time only payment plan for the current bill.  Mayor Kaufman will write her a letter explaining this.  A motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:30 p.m. was made by Trustee Reinshagen, with a second from Trustee Mason, with all in favor, carried.  Meeting adjourned.



Respectfully Submitted,



Kellee J. Estus