MAYOR: Aaron Kaufman                                               DEPUTY MAYOR: Amy Reinshagen

                                                                                 TRUSTEES: Kayla Mason Gordy Key and Jim Quarino



VILLAGE CLERK: Kellee Estus                  July 18, 2022



·       A public hearing was held prior to meeting at 6 p.m. for amendment/additions to the Zoning Law regarding Short Term Rentals.

I.                Meeting Called to Order

II.             Department Head Reports:

a.      Superintendent of DPW – Lucas McMullen

b.      Head of Waste Water – Richi Horne

c.       Economic Development – Don Thomases

*Christmas Lights

*Banner Project

*Bridge Project

*Rail Project

d.      Zoning Board – Joe Andreno

e.       Planning Board – John Whritner

e.     Fire Department – Josh Mason

III.          Acceptance of Secretary/Treasurer’s Report

IV.          Approval of Minutes from last meeting

V.             Old Business:

a.      Water Plant Upgrade

b.      EMS issues

c.       Condition of Properties on Main Street  

d.      Guardrails

VI.          New Business:

a.             Zoning Law addition – Short Term Rental

b.             Engineer for water plant upgrade

c.              Generator project

d.             Lead pipe issues

e.              Restore NY

f.               NYSEG poles

g.             Water meter endpoints

VII.       Floor Open for Community Participation   

VIII.    Payment of Bills

IX.          Meeting Adjourned