VILLAGE OF HOBART BOARD MEETING MINUTES                               JUNE 20, 2022


            The regular meeting of the Village of Hobart Board of Trustees was called to order at 6:30 p.m. by Mayor Aaron Kaufman.  Those present were Mayor Kaufman, Trustees Kayla Mason, Amy Reinshagen and Jim Quarino, Village Attorney John Hubbard, Clerk-Treasurer Kellee Estus, Superintendent of DPW Lucas McMullen, Chief Operator of Waste Water Richi Horne, Don Thomases, George Duyer, Katherine Duyer, Carrie James, William James, Cody Hager, Joe Andreno, Anne Elizabeth Moore, Judy Vidal, Cheryl Clarke, James Barr III, Christine Kaufman, Nicole Burst and daughter, Steven Coster, Lisa Coster, Mary Van Valkenburg and 2 members of the public. 

            Superintendent of DPW McMullen reported to the board that the hanging baskets were in and the crew fixed the flag pole for the Memorial Day service.  They replaced the stop sign on Railroad Avenue and have been busy mowing lawns.  The pumps at the water plant are slowing down which indicates they need to be cleaned so McMullen asked if he could contact Layne’s.  Mayor Kaufman said yes. 

            Chief Operator of Waste Water Horne reported they did CIPs on 3 microfilter racks and she and the crew have attended trainings.  She discussed a rural water program and on the recommendation of Village Attorney Hubbard the board agreed to sign up for the program. 

            Joe Andreno of the ZBA reported no applications pending and the ZBA were focusing on the signage section of the zoning law at their next meeting. 

            Don Thomases reported to the Board that the flower barrels were redone by the Business Alliance and Rotary and they received grants to buy flowers for them.  ½ of the barrels have been adopted to be taken care of.  The rest will be taken care of by volunteers.  He stated there is a new wine store called the Cellar Door located next to the Coffee Pot.  Thomases also stated the pot holes in front of the Post Office have been patched by D.O.T. 

            The Board reviewed the May Treasurer’s Report.  A motion to accept with the following changes was made by Trustee Reinshagen, with a second from Trustee Quarino, with all in favor, carried.  In the General Fund, transfer $51.61 from 1325.4-2 to 1325.4-1; transfer $89.96 from 1325.4-2 to 1325.4; transfer $15.47 from 1340.4 to 1362.4; transfer $234.53 from 1620.1-1 to 1620.1-2; transfer $4663.65 from 1620.4-2 to 1620.4-A; transfer $46.70 from 3410.2 to 3410.4-1; transfer $26.54 from 3620.1 to 4540.4-2; transfer $45.31 from 4540.4-4 to 4540.4-7; transfer $63.97 from 4540.4-8 to 5110.1-2; transfer $764.26 from 5110.1-1 to 5110.4-1; transfer 47.00 from 5110.4-2 to 5110.4-3; transfer $170.41 from 5182 to 7110.4; transfer $191.83 from 7110.4-1 to 8160.4; transfer $173.47 from 5182 to 9060.  In the Water Fund, transfer $126.96 from 1990 to 8160.4; transfer $132.42 from 1990 to 8320.1-5; transfer $1054.16 from 1990 to 8320.4-1; transfer $517.20 from 1990 to 8330.4-1; transfer $72.50 from 1990 to 8340.4-2; transfer $40.65 from 1990 to 8340.4-5; transfer $53.05 from 1990 to 9060; transfer $12.80 from 1990 to 9060.1.  In the NYC Fund, transfer $371.06 from 8130.1-3 to 8130.1-5; transfer $271.10 from 8130.4-14 to 8130.4-13; transfer $3539.02 from 8130.1-3 to 8130.4-18; transfer $7928.37 from 8130.4-4 to 8130.4-3; transfer $94.05 from 8130.4-4 to 8130.4-32.  A motion to accept the minutes of last month’s meeting was made by Trustee Mason, with a second from Trustee Quarino with all in favor, carried. 

            Mayor Kaufman continued the meeting with old business.  Funding has been approved for the water plant upgrade.  The EMS issues are ongoing.  A new defibrillator was ordered for the ambulance.  It has arrived and there is training for it tomorrow night.  A loan will be taken out to pay for it.  Regarding the guardrail project on Maple Avenue, the Town of Stamford does not have funding to do their portion of the replacement.  The board agreed to go ahead with the Village portion of the guardrails.  Mayor Kaufman stated there will be a public hearing prior to the next board meeting at 6 p.m. for the approval of the drafted ZBA forms. 

            Mayor Kaufman continued the meeting with new business.  There was none on the agenda, but Mayor Kaufman said three things did pop up to discuss.  Robinson Broadhurst did not approve the funding for the police officer and recommended applying again next year.  Mayor Kaufman stated drug paraphernalia was found at the activity center and park over the weekend and stressed the need for law enforcement.  The Maple Avenue culvert project has come to a halt as one homeowner has again decided to not allow access to their property for a survey.  The Village will now need to come up with money to repair the culvert.  The five property owners that are required to have flood insurance for their property will continue to have to do so as the grant project would have taken them out of the flood plain.  Community members expressed frustration with this project not being able to continue. 

            Mayor Kaufman opened the floor to community participation.  Katherine Duyer presented a petition with several signatures against a digital sign being put in the triangle lot on the corner of Route 10 and Maple Avenue.  Mayor Kaufman stated the sign was not on the agenda or scheduled to be discussed.  He also said that the digital sign was not necessarily going to go in the triangle lot.  There would be discussion further down the road when it the location was to be determined.  James Barr III asked about a trash day.  It has been scheduled for next Tuesday.  He also asked about having American flags on the poles during patriotic holidays. 

            A motion to approve the following bills on Abstract No. 1 was made by Trustee Mason with a second from Trustee Reinshagen, with all in favor, carried. 


General Fund              Voucher No. 1-36       $11,723.03

Water Fund                 Voucher No. 1-15       $  3,205.86

Sewer Fund                 Voucher No. 1-15       $  5,969.38

NYC Fund                  Voucher No. 1-19       $  6,648.58


            A motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:30 p.m. was made by Trustee Mason, with a second from Trustee Reinshagen, with all in favor, carried.  Meeting adjourned.



Respectfully Submitted,



Kellee J. Estus